"Visual aids must be made available for everyone".

Based on this guideline and our social commitment, Windhoek Optics has a few permanent offers for certain groups of clients:


Optometric service is not offered in every town and some people don't have a chance to visit their nearest provider. With its itinerant practice Windhoek Optics visits even remote parts of the country. We cover a wide area from Katima Mulilo in the far North-East to Aussenkehr down south on the banks of the Orange River. From Gobabis in the East to Lüderitz at the coast - they all are regularly visited.

You are more than welcome to contact us to find out which is the closest town in your vicinity to be visited.

Please note that Windhoek Optics does not charge additionally for this service!


Another group of customers to be helped are our elderly community members. In co-operation with the Namibian Old Age Help Fund (NOAH) and the Radio-station "Kanaal 7" we provide necessary spectacles for senior citizens at a special rate covered in full by NOAH. There is no extra payment required from the clients, as this is a cost-covering offer.
An application has to be handed in to NOAH and a committee decides - based on certain conditions - whether payment will be granted. After confirmation the clients just have to consult us for an optometric examination and to choose and collect their glasses. Nothing further has to be done on their side.


Furthermore we care for children's vision.
We do screenings in schools and kindergartens to find deficiencies in the child's vision. Giving the appropriate correction at an early stage can prevent them from getting severe sight-problems later in life.

We all know that quality of life is strongly associated with good vision.  Therefore the smallest members of our social community must get the best possible quality in their vision to obtain best possible results in learning and therefore be successful in their future life.